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The ultimate guitar technique course. Slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, fret-tapping, sweep picking,  harmonics!

What you'll learn

Over 20 guitar techniques!
Develop your own style!
Play hammer-ons pull-offs.
Learn sweep picking.
Play slides bends.
Learn all about harmonics.
Play trills vibrato.
Learn fret-tapping!
Bring energy into your guitar playing!


This guitar course is for everyone - including complete beginners.
You only need a guitar - any kind of guitar with six strings.


Welcome to Guitar Technique, the ultimate guitar course to learn all of the most important techniques. This course is for all levels of guitar students - beginner to advanced. These lessons are each taught from a complete beginner starting point and go in order of easiest to more difficult.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course? - electric, acoustic, or classical guitar.

This course? is all about bringing more energy into your playing through techniques. We'll be working on every common guitar technique, such as slides, bends, hammer-ons pull-offs, vibrato, trills, legato, fret-tapping, sweep picking, natural artificial harmonics, and more. We'll also work on combining these techniques so that we can fully explore all of the guitar technique combos imaginable.

The videos in this course have tablature (tabs) on the screen throughout most of these lessons. In addition, many of these lessons will include a downloadable PDF attachment in the "additional resources", which are the tabs text lessons of the techniques.?

This course? is fun will bring a huge charge of energy into your playing. Let's get started.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn guitar technique.
Beginner guitar players.
Advanced guitar players.
Guitar players who want more energy in their playing.

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