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Title: Udemy.Cory.Kensinger.Intro.to.Music.Production.Maschine.Mikro.mk3.TUTORIAL
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Learn the Basics of Music Production and start an EDM track using the Maschine Mikro mk3, an Integrated Groove Production System that works in tandem with Native Instrument's Maschine 2 Software and the Komplete Sound Libraries. The hardware/software combo between Maschine Mikro and Maschine Software puts everything you need to start making great music at your finger tips.

In this Class you will be guided through a step-by-step Song Creation Process, starting with the groove and building a classic "four on the floor" drum beat from scratch. Then you'll learn how to lay down an energetic bass line using Maschine Mikro mk3.

In addition to basic song creation, you'll explore and learn advanced features and functions using the Maschine Mikro mk3 - such as: Chord Sets, Arp and Note Repeat Functions, Count-In Recording, Quantization, and Gain Staging.


No prior knowledge or experience, except downloading applications
Maschine 2 Software
Maschine Mikro mk3
Laptop to run software and controller


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