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Title: Crave.DSP.Crave.EQ.v1.4.13.CE-V.R
Category: VSTi + Fx
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Added: September 10, 2019, 10:32 pm
Crave EQ was built with one purpose: uncompromising sound quality. To that end, we have created 3 highly accurate EQ models based on an ideal analog equalizer. Each model is aimed at delivering the best possible sound for a specific task.
For pure analog sound, the analog phase mode is a reproduction of clean analog hardware - an essential feature for professional quality mixing. This kind of modelling requires a small amount of latency which we've managed to keep astonishingly low at just 48 samples - 1.1ms at 44kHz or 0.5ms at 96kHz.
When zero latency is a must, the digital phase mode offers a true analog EQ curve with digital phase. Digital EQs based on FIR filters often struggle with bass resolution and digital EQs based on IIR filters often have poor high frequency response. Our filtering technology ensures accuracy across the whole frequency spectrum with very little CPU usage.
For scenarios that call for linear phase, the linear phase mode offers the same true analog EQ curve as the other modes with zero phase. As you may know, higher quality linear phase processing requires higher latency. To ensure you're always getting the highest quality, the appropriate latency is selected based on the sample rate of the host.
3 Equalizers in 1: Digital, Analog, and Linear Phase EQ
Crave EQ provides three EQ processing modes: analog, digital and linear phase. All modes offer stunningly accurate filters.
Analog Phase
Accurate analog emulation with only 48 samples of latency - 1.1ms at 44100Hz.
Digital Phase
Detailed bass resolution and undistorted high frequency response with zero latency.
Linear Phase
Mastering grade linear phase processing.
Key Features
Four beautifully smooth, lovingly crafted EQ models for mixing and mastering
16 parametric bands with a choice of peaking, high/low shelf, high/low cut, notch and band pass filters
M/S, L/R and mono channel processing
Solo listen (double-click a band to activate)
Configurable high-resolution spectrum analyzer
Fluidly scalable frequency, filter and meter axes
Resizable interface
macOS Retina and Windows high-DPI support
Velocity sensitive knobs
Automatic gain compensation
GPU accelerated graphics
Light on CPU
What's New in Version 1.4
Keyboard for positioning bands using a piano style layout with frequency snapping and direct placement via double-click.
Anti-jitter prevents you from accidentally moving a band when clicking to select it.
X/Y Lock
Holding ALT on Windows or the Option key on macOS while dragging a band will lock the band to the x/y axis.
Added multi-mono support in Pro Tools and Logic Pro.
More Spectrum Analyzer Adjustment
Spectrum axis can now be moved/offset as well as scaled.
Preset Name Display
Preset names are now shown in the user interface.
Frequency Formatting
Frequency knob now always shows 5 digits of accuracy.
Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum analyzer algorithm responds more naturally to audio.
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