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Little Clipper is the lighter, smaller version of itÆs big brother (Big Clipper). Clipping is one of the more misunderstood processes in mixing. When used correctly, it can make mixing easier. Things just fall into place better and dynamics stay under control. As it is with all effects however, itÆs easy to overdo. Little Clipper makes it easy to dial in with clear meters that show you how much clipping is occurring, and all the essential features that let you dial in your clipping to be just the right amount.

Hard/Soft Clipping

Sometimes you need crisp hard clipping, sometimes you need smoother soft clipping. Little Clipper lets you choose easily how hard you want your clipping to be.

Stereo or Mid/Side

Little Clipper lets you choose your channel configuration for stereo tracks. We have found that clipping often sounds much more natural in Mid/Side mode on stereo buses. It even lets you clip only the mid or side channels without affecting the other, giving you even more control over your clipping.

I thought clipping was bad. Why would I do it on purpose?

Just like all effects, clipping is bad when you do it accidentally. When used purposefully, itÆs a powerful tool that that can be used to increase your apparent dynamics without making your peaks jump all over the place. ItÆs especially powerful on drums. Just a little bit of clipping your snare before your compressor will give your compressor much more natural sounding, predictable results.

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