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Title: Blue.Cat's.All.Plugins.Pack.2019.1.CE-V.R
Category: VSTi + Fx
Size: 225.83 MB
Added: January 11, 2019, 11:35 am
Blue Cat's Axiom v1.1.2
Blue Cat's Destructor v1.4.1
Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro v4.1.0
Blue Cat's Dynamics v4.1.0a
Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi v2.2.0
Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro v1.9.5
Blue Cat's Late Replies v1.3.1
Blue Cat's Liny EQ v5.1.0
Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix v2.0.0
Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer v3.2.0
Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi v2.2.0
Blue Cat's ParametrEQ v3.5.2
Blue Cat's PatchWork v2.3.1
Blue Cat's Plug'n Script v3.1.0
Blue Cat's Protector v2.1.0
Blue Cat's Remote Control v2.3.2
Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi v2.2.0
Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro v1.9.1
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