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Title: Ultra.Smooth.Jazz.Play-A-Long.Songbook.for.Bb.and.Eb.instruments.PDF.MP3
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With the worldwide success of The Super Groovers previous music instructional book series ôUltra Smooth Jazz Groovesö for Bb  Eb Sax, Flute, Guitar and Keyboards containing 8 measure grooves in various smooth jazz styles, they decided to create a play-a-long book of full length songs from their two albums SupergroovinÆ and Mainline Connection.

They picked songs that would give the music student a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from the pop/jazz style of ôYou Are The Only One In My Lifeö, minor blues of ôTo The Tö and ôA Cry For Peaceö, funky/blues of ôSuper Grooverö, latin style of ôGroovinÆ With The In Crowd and ôVillefranche Sur Merö, gospel style of ôTo Our Loved Onesö, reggae style of ôRight Track Wrong train To Jamaicaö, funky/jazz of ôMainline Connectionö, ôKeeping The Past Aliveö and the bonus track ôDestinasianö and lastly the funky jazz/swing feel of ôSpritual Seekerö.

Publisher: A.D.G. Productions
Language: English
Format: PDF, MP3
Pages: 60

ò Cry For Peace, A (Mainline Connection)
ò Destinasian (Mainline Connection)
ò Groovin' With The In Crowd (Supergroovin')
ò It Will Come Back To You (Supergroovin')
ò Keeping The Past Alive (Mainline Connection)
ò Mainline Connection (Mainline Connection)
ò Right Track Wrong Train To Jamaica (Mainline Connection)
ò Spiritual Seeker (Supergroovin')
ò Super Groover (Supergroovin')
ò To Our Loved One's (Supergroovin')
ò To The T (Supergroovin')
ò Villefranche Sur Mer (Mainline Connection)
ò You Are The Only One In My Life (Mainline Connection)

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