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Title: Professional.Orchestration.Volume.2a.Orchestrating.the.Melody.Within.the.String.Section.By.Garry.Schyman.Peter.Lawrence.Alexander.PDF
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In Volume 2 of this nine-volume series, Professional Orchestration: Orchestrating the Melody Within the String Section is an historic breakthrough in orchestration instruction detailing for the first time 63 techniques previously known by only a few top professional film orchestrators, composers and arrangers applicable to both live performance and MIDI mock-ups. Loaded with references from 35 works with over 175 excerpts in large full page/full score format, the 63 techniques are referenced meticulously in the low, medium, high and very high registers. For fast referencing, organized by Unisons, Two-Parts, Three-Parts, Four-Parts, Five-Parts, Divisi in Octaves, Thirds, Divisi in Sixths, Special Combinations of Divisi. Each technique has a brief commentary pointing out other score details and often, electronic scoring insights. Professional Orchestration Volume 2A Orchestrating the Melody Within the String Section is supported with the optional Professional Mentor workbook, DRM-free MP3 package covering a majority of the book's examples from, and both ruled and unruled 16-stave sketchbooks.

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