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Title: Udemy.Playing.Piano.Scales.and.Arpeggios.Vol.2.Minor.Keys.TUTORiAL
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Are you a piano student? Are you still struggling with scales? Sometimes as piano students we start practicing scales but we do not learn to play them all, this can be a problem because learning all the minor scales and arpeggios is part of a good piano technique, so if you have been playing for a while or you are a beginner, you will find this course very helpful.

In this course you will learn through practical videos how to play:

Natural minor scales
Harmonic minor scales
Melodic minor scales
Minor arpeggios

All the videos have the image with the notes and correct fingering so you can follow all the recommendations of the instructor understanding the fingering and following the notes at the same time.

Go at your own pace watching the videos as many times as you need and stop struggling with scales, sometimes we learn only the "easy" ones, in this course you will learn all the minor scales, at the same time you will receive recommendations in order to follow the best practices when you study them.

Join this course today and improve your piano technique playing scales correctly.

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