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Title: Udemy.Piano.Rhythms.Vol.2.Ballade.Style.TUTORIAL
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Through 100 practical videos I will show you how you can learn to play simple accompaniments in ballad style on the piano, I will teach you how to play these practical patterns on the piano in a fluid way.

This course is dedicated to beginners, however if you have been playing piano for a while and you want to venture into the world of accompaniments, outside of the mere reading of notes, you will find the exercises presented in this course quite useful.

This course contains:

ò100 practical tutorial videos where it is shown on the piano how to play the accompaniments.
òTheorical complementary lessons where the characteristics of each accompaniment are analyzed.

Also once you are enrolled in this class you can post all your questions through in the disscussion board or send me many comment about your piano work to the instructor, so you are not alone in your learning path! ENROLL in this class today and begin developing your piano creativity in the fun world of rhythms on the piano.

Would you like to learn to accompany simple songs in ballad style?

Knowing how to play chords on the piano but want to improve your accompaniments?

This course for you!!


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