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Title: Rigid.Audio.Nylonist.KONTAKT.MERRY.XMAS
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 25.73 MB
Added: December 23, 2019, 9:44 pm
The NYLONIST is a beautiful multisampled acoustic Nylon Guitar, sampled in 24 Bit / 44 Khz. It is primarily designed for melodic performances. It comes with several round robin layers to sound absolutely authentic.

Around 200 WAV Samples in 24 Bit / 44 Khz.
Round Robin Guitar Body, Impact and Strum noises.
Each noise layer goes into a seperate Kontakt Bus for further mangling.
Reverb and Stereo Doubling.
8 Round Robin layers for fret, pickup and release noises for each string.
Individual control over fret, pickup (finger) and relase (string stop) noise.
Seperate mute keyswitches for the noise layers. Mono mode keyswitch.
Intelligent pitchbending which affects only the last played note (-2/+2 semitones).
Very low memory footprint. Key Range from E-3 to G6.


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