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Title: NBE.Meta.
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Manage your digital music collection, with ease.

Advanced Music Tag Editor for macOS.
If youÆre a musician, DJ, or a music enthusiast, chances are you care deeply about your music library. Meta helps you with every aspect of managing a digital music collection, and saves you time when you rip vinyls or download music from 3rd party storesà

Native, Customisable Interface
Working with Meta is remarkably simple, mostly because its layout is very intuitive. You can view: tags, audio properties, file irmation and artwork irmation.

Editor View Configurations allow you to customise which tags you want to view/edit.

You can then quickly switch between configurations like "common tags", "advanced", "sorting", "podcast-related", etcà depending on your needs.

Powerful Batch Editing
Most of the changes you do will be aimed at multiple files ù like setting missing album artwork. Meta's sidebar allows for applying changes to a selection of files, instantly.

Clicking on the tagÆs name in the sidebar pops up a special menu for batch string transforms and editing operations (cut, copy, paste), which is useful for exchanging data as CSV with spreadsheet apps like Numbers or Excel.


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