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The berimbau consists of an arched rod made of wood or polyester with an approximate length of 1.50 1.70 meters and a steel wire attached to the ends of the pole.

The Instrument
Brazilian Series:
Muletone Audio presents the Brazilian Series. Instruments from Brazil with a unique focus in their playability and their musical language. With an entirely Brazilian production muletone explores each instrument in minute detail. Unlike others libraries the Brazilian Series brings a real depth and perspective of Brazils instruments respecting their individual characteristics.

The berimbau consists of an arched rod made of wood or polyester with an approximate length of 1.50 1.70 meters and a steel wire attached to the ends of the pole. Functioning as a sounding board, there is a dried gourd tied to its base and the performer uses his left hand to support the set and practices a movement against the belly, using a stone or a coin to press the string. Attached to the fingers of the right hand the caxixi, which is a percussion instrument, is also used.

In capoeira up to three berimbaus each one with a distinct function can be used.

The Gunga touches the grave line, inside a capoeira wheel is usually the leader, followed by the other instruments. The gunga performer also leads the singing, as well as inviting the other performers to enter the song.

The Mdio complements the Gunga. While the Gunga plays a simple eighth note pattern, the Mdio can play a sixteenth note variation. The dialogue between the Gunga and the Mdio characterizes the touch and the Mdio reverses the melody of the Gunga with improvisation.

The Viola plays most of the improvisations within the rhythm set by the other two. The Viola performer harmonizes and breaks accents in the songs.

The great musician, composer and percussionist Marcos Nascimento played the two instruments. He recorded many traditional Brazilian rhythms and several grooves. The files have Single Hits in Round Robin at 4x, and synchronized loops.

Single Hits:
Berimbau Gunga
Berimbau Medio
Berimbau Viola

Rhythmic Loops:
Berimbau Gunga Funk (100 bpm)
Berimbau Gunga Funk (sync)
Berimbau Gunga Maracatu (100 bpm)
Berimbau Gunga Maracatu (sync)
Berimbau Gunga Samba (100 bpm)
Berimbau Gunga Samba (sync)
Berimbau Medio Funk (100 bpm)
Berimbau Medio Funk (sync)
Berimbau Medio Maracatu (100 bpm)
Berimbau Medio Maracatu (sync)
Berimbau Samba (100 bpm)
Berimbau Samba (sync)
Berimbau Viola Funk (100 bpm)
Berimbau Viola Funk (sync)
Berimbau Viola Maracatu (100 bpm)
Berimbau Viola Maracatu (sync)
Berimbau Viola Samba (100 bpm)
Berimbau Viola Samba (sync)

Fully Dynamic
The samples offer from the slightest touch to the strongest attack providing more freedom to create dynamic rhythms and beats.

Perfect Ambience
Use the convolution reverb and create a perfect environment. Unlike other Brazilian libraries each instrument is recorded with dry ambience preserving the real character of the instrument.Mic Placement. 2 microphones were used in different positions. Mix or use the sound you like within the mix.

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
342 Samples.
Recorded using Apogee converters and preamps.
Everything recorded at 44100Hz, 24bit.

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5 (or later) Required
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