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Title: Linplug.CronoX.v2.0.4.VSTi.x86.WIN
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 25.53 MB
Added: August 12, 2019, 10:44 pm
Now, with the launches of Albino 2 and SaxLab out of the way, LinPlug have turned their attention to CronoX once more, giving it an adrenaline injection that may cause the nonbelievers to revise their opinions.
Allowing you to mangle samples in a way not seen before in a VST instrument. The documents and the irmation of this web site may not be changed, especially copyright notices may not be removed or changed. And in CronoX you can modulate many parameters that are not accessible in other synth! The two configurable ADSFR envelope generators and the four LFOs can be routed to virtually any internal destination using LinPlugÆs now famous modulation matrix û this has been plagiarised in many a virtual instrument since the original release of LinPlug Alpha. All processors have numerous modulation capabilities.

he final change comes in the shape of a vastly expanded modulation section. There are three of these in total: The bit Analogue oscillator can be used to produce classic analog-style waveforms ranging from square to sawtooth.

The sample processing that has made the RM 2 famous. Factor in a competitive price, cronoox sexy new look and an incredibly versatile approach to sound design, and CronoX3 makes for a fine instrument indeed. All technical specifications and prices of the products linplug cronox 2 on this web site may be subject to change without notice. This linplug cronox 2 a tempo-synced gate effect that can be programmed with a simple series of on and off switches.

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