IRRUPT Audio Mouth Transmissions V.1 WAV

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Title: IRRUPT Audio Mouth Transmissions V.1 WAV
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 567.44 MB
Added: April 4, 2020, 12:00 pm
Where would we be without mouths? Wed have a lot of difficulty making words audible with our faces, and of course  singing. Yes, without mouths, we would definitely not be able to celebrate the beauty and mystique of vocalizations through song. Fortunately for everyone on planet earth, mouths have been invented. Were here to celebrate the wonderful gift given to us by the oral Gods. We proudly present to you the first in a series of products celebrating the mouth  Mouth Transmissions. For Volume 1 of this series, we have enlisted the vocal duties of a world famous male artist to present an incredible vocal product debut. However, in the spirit of IRRUPT, were keeping our mouths shut as to who it is. Found after downloading Mouth Transmissions are incredible royalty free supplies meant to add a human touch to your productions, and to the electronic magic we know youre busy creating. Skit vocals, Shout Outs, Verse Vocals and Chorus vocals that you can twist and turn into your own design - ultimately offering you an additional bit of incentive to help ensure your imaginative voice is heard loud and clear.
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