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Freshly Squeezed Samples continue to deliver value time and time again with fantastic production resources. Their recent release, Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 1, is no exception.

Most MIDI packs either lack quality, or quantity. This product has both with over 210 MIDI construction kits, a range of MIDI construction elements, and a neat selection of MIDI rhythms.

Why Buy a MIDI Pack?

Construction kits and MIDI packs are often looked down upon by producers. ThereÆs a stigma surrounding them, that people who use them are avoiding the hard work involved in composition, or cheating their way to a good sounding track.

Aside from the fact that using pre-made MIDI doesnÆt result a completed song (you still have to design sounds, mix it down, and arrange it), there are many other reasons to use professionally-made MIDI and construction kits:

Inspiration: if youÆre struggling for ideas, dragging in a MIDI file can help get you going. Starting is often difficult for many producers, and using a MIDI file or two for inspiration bypasses this.
Learning: I always recommend that producers pick apart songs. The same goes with MIDI files. Want to learn more about composition? Want to learn how to create a fantastic sounding chord melody? Look at some MIDI!
Workflow: itÆs far easier to sketch out an original idea from an existing MIDI file compared to creating your own from scratch. MIDI files can be used in the workflow process without sacrificing artistic integrity.
Practice: MIDI files and construction kits can be used to hone your arrangement skills, sound design skills, and mixing skills. If you want to work on some weak points, a product like this is worth considering.

The last thing IÆll say here is that construction kits are invaluable to the new producer; being able to see and hear how a bassline, chord progression, melody, and counter-melody work together.

FL Studio Project Files

The pack also includes FL Studio Project Files for all the rhythms. These allow you to easily audition the rhythms with the sound they were composed for.

Another great use of these project files is adding your own rhythms to the library. ItÆs already well organized and the sound is right in front of you, ready to go. ItÆs as easy as creating a new pattern and exporting the MIDI. Think of it as a composition template of sorts.

MIDI Construction Elements

If youÆre just after some quick inspiration and donÆt want to look through multi-instrumented construction kits, then this folder is your go-to. It contains just a few elements that are great starting points for original compositions:

Miscellaneous (4 Bar): this folder contains 3 MIDI files differing in rhythm and progression. I would call these trance chord MIDI files even though they arenÆt displayed as such.
Pad Chord Progressions (4 Bar): this folder contains 30 different pad chord progressions. I can see myself using these frequently as starting points. Pad MIDI files are easy to modify to fit other elements such as pluck melodies and rhythmic chords.
Pad Chord Progressions (8 Bar): sometimes 4 bar progressions donÆt make the cut. The construction elements folder contains 8 pad chord progressions that are 8 bars in length instead of 4.

Though this isnÆt the ômeatö of the pack, itÆs still a great addition. Construction kits can be overwhelming and sometimes all you need is a quick pad chord progression.

MIDI Construction Kits

The main feature of the pack. This folder contains 210 individual construction kits each featuring multiple instruments including chord leads, multiple bass sounds and styles, plucks, pads, pianos, and more. Tonnes of inspiration and beauty in just a few kbs of MIDI.

Each construction kit features an MP3 preview of all elements together, so you can get an idea of how it sounds before adding any MIDI to your project. While this is a feature that most construction kits have, I didnÆt expect it with a product this large, so itÆs a big plus from me that Freshly Squeezed Samples have included them.

What I love most about FSS products is their labelling. Too many sample and MIDI packs donÆt have clear labelling which makes them difficult and frustrating to use. Each construction kit in this product is labelled by number, BPM, and key so you can easily identify and use elements that you feel you need.

The construction kits differ in style, too. Whether itÆs dark, complex arpeggios youÆre after, or uplifting progressive chords, this pack has both. And while this is catered towards trance and progressive producers, those who dabble in other genres will certainly find it useful as well.

Note: each construction kit also includes its respective FL Studio Project File for which it was created in.

Synthesizer Presets

This isnÆt a substitute for a high quality preset pack, but there are a few top quality presets included. A few basses, leads, and plucks for Sylenth1, U-He Zebra, and NI Massive. ItÆs important to note that most of the presets are Massive presets, so if youÆre a user of that synth yourself then youÆll find even more value.

Most MIDI and construction kit packs wonÆt include presets at all, so itÆs really a bonus!

Features and Content

As IÆve already mention, this product is BIG. With over 210 construction kits, presets, and rhythm files, youÆll find yourself coming back to it frequently.

The pack features a few different properties:

òFL Studio Chopper Scores (MIDI Rhythm Phrases for non-FL users)
òFL Studio Project Files
òMIDI Construction Elements
òMIDI Construction Kits
òSynth Presets

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