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Title: Delta.101.Digital.Sound.Effects.The.Machines.Of.War.WAV
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01Sound Of A Nuclear Explosion
02Battlefield Ambience (Small Arms Firing)
03Military Battle - 20th Century (Machine Gun Fire, Tanks, Bomb Exploding)
04Military Battle - 18th Or 19th Century (Gunshots, Cannons, Cavalry Charge, Men Fighting In Background)
05Sounds Of Many Explosions (As In A Battle)
06Sound Of Multiple Explosions
07Sound Of A Single Explosion
08Sound Of A Large Dynamite Explosion
09Explosion With Debris Falling
10Shell Passing Overhead (Explodes On Impact)
11Shell From A 75mm Gun Approaches And Explodes
12The Whistling Sound Of A Falling Projectile (Explosion On Impact)
1381mm Mortar Fires
14Hand Grenade Explodes (Light Dirt Falling)
15Sliding A Ram Rod Into An Old Cannon (3 Times)
16Firing A Cannon (10 Long Shots)
17Cannon Being Fired (Orders Shouted)
18Several Cannons Firing (Some At A Distance)
19Firing A 16'' Navy Gun (6 Shots)
20Firing A 37mm Anti-Tank Gun (5 Shots)
21Firing A 40mm Navy Antiaircraft Gun (Continous Firing)
22Shell From A 105mm Howitzer Approaches And Explodes (2 Times)
23Firing A Twin 40mm Pom-Pom Gun (Rapid Shots)
24Sound Of Machine Gun Firing
25Firing A 50 Caliber Machine Gun (Short Bursts)
26Firing A World War I Machine Gun (Long Bursts)
27Firing A M-60 Machine Gun (Long Bursts)
28Firing A Mounted Machine Gun
29Firing An Uzi Assault Rifle (Short And Medium Bursts)
30Firing An AK-47 Assault Rifle (Singles And Shorts Bursts)
31Firing A World War II German Rifle (7 Shots)
32Firing A Browning Automatic Rifle Outdoors
33Firing A 30-30 Rifle Outdoors With Echo (3 Shots)
34Firing A Rifle (Rifle Fires, Cartridge Ejected, Loaded Again, Rifle Fires Again)
35Military Rifles Being Shot (Orders Given 3 Times) Military Gun Salutes 3 Times
36Firing And Cocking A Lever Action Winchester Rifle Outdoors With Echo (Cocking Between Rounds) 5 Shots
37Firing An M-16 Army Assault Rifle
38Firing An M-1 Rifle (6 Shots)
39Several M-1 Rifles Firing
40Several Browning Automatic Rifles Firing Together
41Rifle Battle With Several Guns Echoing In A Canyon
42Sound Of browning Automatic Rifle Bullets
43Firing A Large Caliber Pistol (Several Shots In Rapid Succession)
44Firing A Large Caliber Pistol Outdoors (Several Shots As In A Gunfight)
45Firing A Pistol Outdoors (15 Shots)
46Firing A Revolver Outdoors With Echo (Cocking Hammer Between Rounds (2 Sets Of 5 Shots)
47Firing Of A .22 Caliber Handgun (6 Shots)
48Firing Of A .38 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol (Several Shots In Rapid Succession)
49Comical Ricochets (9 Shots)
50Ricochets Off Rock (11 Shots)
51One Long Ricochet0:04
52Ricochets From An Automatic Weapon 1
53Ricochets From An Automatic Weapon 2
54Ricochets And Gunfire From An Assault Rifle
55Ricochets And Gunfire From An M-60 Machine Gun
56Sound Of A Gunflight (Several Pistol Shots) Man Is Hit (Footsteps In Dirt)
57Laser Gun Shots 1
58Laser Gun Shots 2
59Swirling Rocket Phasing (Followed By Laser Shots 1)
60Swirling Rocket Phasing (Followed By Laser Shots 2)
61Army Truck Idling
62Army Jeep Passing By
63Sound Of Tanks
64Sound Of Tank Firing
65Deep Jungle Atmosphere
66Two Men Fighting (Hitting) Struggling With Each Other
67The Order Of ''Attention'' Shouted (Troops Snap To Attention) Enclosed Armory Atmosphere
68Troops Marching (Young Cadet Or Woman Shouting Marching Orders In Background)
69Troops Marching In An Enclosed Armory Of Orders Being Shouted In Background
70Military Or Marching Band Drum Cadence (Marching Orders Being Shouted In Background)
71Drum And Fife Brigade (Drum Cadence With Flute-Life Fifes 1)
72Drum And Fife Brigade (Drum Cadence With Flute-Life Fifes 2)
73Snare Drum (Cadence 1)
74Snare Drum (Cadence 2)
75Snare Drum (Cadence 3)
76Trumpet Playing ''Reveille''
77Trumpet Playing ''Taps''
78Trumpet Playing ''Assembly''
79Trumpet Playing ''Charge''
80Trumpet Playing ''To The Colors'' Commonly Associated With The Flag Raising Ceremony
81Bagpipes Playing
82Helicopter Idiling And Lifting Off
83Helicopter Flyby
84Helicopter Landing
85Single Prop Airplane (Flyby)
86Twin Prop Airplane (Taking Off)
87Twin Prop Airplane (Flyby)
88Military Jet Fighter Passing Overhead
89Air Raid Siren
90Sound Of An Air Raid (Sirens, Planes Flying Overhead, Bombs Dropping, Several Explosions)
91Sound Of An Airplane Crashing And Burning
92Periscope In Operation
93Depth Charge Explodes (Water Blows And Falls To The Surface 3 Times)
94Electronic Beep Of Sonar
95Sonar As Heard From Inside A Submarine
96Electronic Beep Of Radar
97S.O.S. Distress Signal In Morse Code
981) Ship's Engine Room- 2) Sound of a Ship's Horn- 3) Sound of a Ship's

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