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This course by PGN Piano is offering an a to z introduction to playing piano for those who have never played before, and those who are playing but want to learn more about piano music theory.

In this course you are going to learn about the names of the keys, the most important scales, chords, intervals and the circle of fifth's! You are also going to learn to play chord songs, and finally how to play any pop song you want, in less than ten minutes, or if you really work on it, in your first try!

If you are a beginner, this course will keep you busy for at least a month, but possibly longer, as it will keep challenging you to learn more, and transition from theory to practice.

You should take this course, because it will get you of to a flying start on your piano journey!

? Name all keys on the piano, as well as the 3 most important scales, and understand the difference between whole and half tones!

? Use intervals, chords and the circle of fifths to understand how songs are being built up, and to learn how to play them quicker!

? Use knowledge gathered in the course to learn how to play over 200 songs in no time at all, and how to adapt these songs to your own liking!

? Play all major and minor chords, and know how to built over 100 chords based on chord knowledge gathered in section 7 of this course. They will also be able to play over 100 chords and the matching octaves!

? Use all of the knowledge gathered in the entire course to work on playing chord songs, and eventually even play songs for the first time, in one try, without mistakes!

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