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Title: U-he.Diva.Presets.&.Skins.03.2018
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Added: March 6, 2018, 11:09 am
9,400 presets for u-he diva
All of the diva presets shared, have now been sorted by sound ,that should make them easier to find and use Smile

As we all know, Diva is ( VERY ) cpu hungry and in making this pack I've
had to change some of the set voices on some presets just to play them Sad

Most of the changes have been made to some pads as playing even one note
set my pc into the red.
Funny thing was they sounded just about the same set with 6 voices as par to 16
and it was better to hear them this way ,than wory about my pc going on fire.

To install the pack start up diva in your daw ,right click on the browser window in diva
and chose ( open in Explorer ) this will open your default diva preset folder.
Once there you can either add this pack into your default preset folder or replace it fully.

I've also added what nice skins I could find on the web,
the one I liked most was Volta and it also has the best preset browser.

For some reason do Volta had no way of setting it to the default skin
but this can and has been set in the com.u-he.Diva.Preferences.txt
so if you add the com.u-he.Diva.Preferences.txt and Themes into your Support folder
this error will be fixed for you as well.

Big thanks goes to everyone that shared these over the years
and if you would like to buy any presets that you find you like while trying them.
click on save on any preset when loaded and this will tell you who made it,


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