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Title: The.Machine.Hardstyle.Virus.Ti.for.Adam.Szabo.Viper
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The Machine Hardstyle Virus Ti for Adam Szabo Viper plugin includes
107 presets crafted with focus for Hardstyle music production.

Viper is a staggering synthesizer that is inspired by well known Virus Ti Hardware Synthesizer. Alot of presets you hear in the audio demo are made beforehand in Virus Ti and later converted to Adam Szabo's Viper.

Along with the soundset as a bonus you will recieve 9 different bassdrum samples that you hear in the audio demo and FLP project file used for the demo.

Package presets:

DRUMS - 12; LEAD - 46; PAD - 7; PLUCK - 8; SYNTH - 43;
Format: FXB

NOTE: For project file to work make sure you have the latest version of FL Studio


DR Distored
DR Industrial
DR Oldschool
LD Acid Way
LD Advanced
LD Awesome
LD Back To Life
LD Chemistry 1
LD Chemistry 2
LD Difficult
LD Down Deep
LD Endure 1
LD Endure 2
LD Enzyme
LD Explorers Of The Mind
LD Failed Experiment
LD Fruit Organ
LD Glide
LD Hard Matters 1
LD Hard Matters 2
LD Hardstyle Disco
LD Just Lead
LD My Dream 1
LD My Dream 2
LD Negative
LD Never Fall Asleep
LD No Chance
LD Noise
LD Pandemic
LD Pandora 1
LD Pandora 2
LD Pandora 3
LD Pulsify
LD Renaissance
LD Ruff
LD Second Chance
LD Silk
LD Sinus
LD Smooth Saw
LD Squarify
LD Super Dirty
LD State Of You 1
LD State Of You 2
LD Swaglead
LD Take Control 1
LD Take Control 2
LD Therapy
LD Times Like These
LD Trashin
PD Andromeda
PD Ethereal Squares
PD Hyperpad
PD Pulsaw
PD Romulus
PD Venus
PD Voxpad
PL Dreamy
PL Godcore
PL Guitar
PL In Time
PL Number 1
PL Number 2
PL Wooden Chimes
PL Vallhalla
SN All Saws
SN Awesome
SN Back To Life
SN Do Not Distort Me
SN FSociety
SN Fat Mosquito
SN Hard Matters
SN Headshot
SN Yeah
SN Insomnia 1
SN Insomnia 2
SN Its Not Metal
SN Jungle Book
SN Low Up
SN Mothertruckers
SN Never Fall Asleep
SN No Idea 1
SN No Idea 2
SN No Society
SN No TIme At All
SN No TIme To Waste
SN Raw
SN Ripp Your Ears 1
SN Ripp Your Ears 2
SN Ripper
SN Rollin 1
SN Rollin 2
SN Rollin 3
SN Rough
SN Shortie
SN Sound Of The Machine
SN Stomp
SN Take It Back
SN Thin Mosquito
SN Trip 1
SN Trip 2
SN Unleashed
SN Wind It Up
SN Within Each Of Us
SN Within Screetch Of Us
SN Wobbly Screetch
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