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Title: Plughugger.Azure.Soundset.for.Hive.2
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Added: June 10, 2019, 11:04 pm
Azure is a soundset with 207 new sounds for the u-he Hive synthesizer aimed for modern house / edm pop genres, especially Progressive House, with a focus on melodic plucks, driving basslines, lush pads, massive effects and even synthesized drum hits.

Azure is a soundset focusing on classic edm pop sounds progressive house.

The soundset is divided into two parts. The first part (157 presets) was developed on Hive 1, and are to a large extent using a combination of traditional waveforms as well as the wavetables introduced with Hive 1.2. The second part is unique for Hive 2, and is a collection of 50 sounds utilising the new wavetables that comes with Hive 2.

We also added our own wavetables - but rather than just adding a handful of new timbres, we created 11 wavetables based on phrases spoken by a speech synthesizer.

Azure contains 207 new sounds and 11 new wavetables.

Standard Edition - 157 sounds (compatible with Hive 1 and 2)

31 Bass sounds
18 Drum Percussion sounds
10 Hit / FX sounds
39 Lead Synths
14 Pads Soundscapes
29 Sequences / Arpeggios
16 Vocal phrases

Wavetable Remix Edition - 50 sounds (compatible with Hive 2)
10 Bass sounds
5 Hit / FX sounds
4 Drum Percussion sounds
13 Lead Synths
8 Pads Soundscapes
10 Sequences / Arpeggios

Requirements: u-he Hive v1 + v2.
Number of sounds: 207 (157 for Hive 1 + 50 for Hive 2).
Format: u-he Hive format incl. new Wavetables.
Style: Melodic progressive House, EDM, Pop.

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