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Title: ADSR.Sounds.Signal.Routing.With.Patcher.Multiband.Compression.EQ.Reverb.and.Stereo.Separation.TUTORiAL
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Patcher is a native plugin for FL Studio that allows you to create chains of plugins of unlimited complexity. It is particularly useful for saving your favourite instrument/effect chains for use in future projects.

This is a four-part practical on how to route signals in a plugin chain as part of the mastering process. Apply the techniques and theory demonstrated here to create your own Patcher presets and improve your workflow using FL Studio and Patcher.

Course Overview

In this four part course you will learn how to route signals through Patcher in FL Studio 20.

Follow along as you set up knobs and faders that control multiple parameters and discover how to create your own patcher preset using multiple effects.

Course Summary

Multiband Compression

Start by jumping into the deep end by creating the multiband compressor using FL Parametric EQ and FL Limiter. This will be the first effect in the chain; though, not necessary; it is a good start to get the hang of patcher.


Create a simple 5 band EQ to serve with the multiband compressor. We will put a spin on the XYZ controller using the point tension. Point tensions become useful when making quick, slow, small, or big adjustments


We will use FL Reverb 2 and FL Send to create a reverb send effect within our preset. Create your own depth and space by mixing up your parameters. Maybe add a delay, or chorus effect to that to make it more interesting.

Stereo Separation

We will be creating stereo separation within Maximus using all 4 band selectors + an additional Maximus. This set of stereo separation will also control the space of the reverb.

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