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Title: Steinberg.Cubasis.2.v2.3.1.DAW.for.iPad
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Cubasis 2 equals ease of use and is as powerful as a fully featured iOS-based music production system can be pushing your capabilities out of limits. Whether youre capturing simple ideas or complex musical masterpieces  It ships with outstanding, touch-optimized tools carrying you into the fun of recording, editing, mixing and sharing your music with the world right away. Get fascinated by the brand new features that Cubasis 2 comes with such as real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting, a studio-grade channel strip, pro-sounding effects, massive instrument refills, a refreshed MIDI Editor and many more powerful features. Put hands on three internal instruments, numerous loops and instrument sounds to creatively lift your music to perfection using the included mixer and effects. Once recorded, share your music with the world via a simple tap or transfer it directly to Cubase.

Key features

Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
24 assignable physical inputs and outputs
32-bit floating point audio engine
Audio I/O resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz
iOS 32- and 64-bit support
Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting featuring zplanes lastique 3
Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 ready-to-go presets
MicroSonic with over 120 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic, HALiotron and Allen Morgan drum kits
MiniSampler to create your own instruments (includes 20 factory instruments)
Mixer with studio-grade channel strip per track and 17 effect processors
Super-versatile RoomWorks SE* reverb effect providing uniquely professional sound and an intuitive graphical display for instant visual feedback at slightest parameter changes
Fully automatable DJ-like Spin FX effect plug-in
Over 550 MIDI and time-stretch-capable audio loops
Virtual keyboard, chord and drum pads with intuitive note repeat control
Sample Editor and Key Editor with MIDI CC support
Refreshed MIDI Editor with ultra-intuitive, lightning fast and accurate handling to edit MIDI tracks and compose music easier than ever before
MIDI Auto Quantize
Track Duplicate
Automation, MIDI CC, program change and aftertouch support
Export to Cubase, iCloud Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and email
Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported
MIDI over Bluetooth LE support
Full Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3 support to use compatible apps as insert/send effects and virtual instruments or simply record their audio output
Import audio from your iTunes music library or iCloud Drive or iTunes file sharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis
Audio mixdown and MIDI export
MIDI clock and MIDI thru support

What's New in Version 2.3.1

This supplemental update includes minor bug fixes and is recommended for all Cubasis users.
25th year anniversary Waves plug-in in-app purchases Extend Cubasis with exclusive award-winning Waves plug-ins
Waves AudioTrack Channel Strip (in-app purchase) Get a mixing consoles channel strip including compression, EQ and gating in one convenient, intuitive plug-in*
Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (in-app purchase) Make your tracks sound professional, with proper loudness levels that will let them stand out*
Waves Q10 Equalizer (in-app purchase) Use the pros first choice and enjoy surgically precise equalization for mixing your tracks*
Waves Plug-in Bundle Polish your tracks to perfection with three all-time classic plug-ins from Waves*
Audio Unit automation Record subtle parameter changes from your favorite AU instrument and effect apps on the fly**
Audio Unit user presets Easily load and save your favorite AU presets
Cubasis effect user presets Create your own effect presets with the simple touch of a button
Over 200 Cubasis effects factory presets Choose a preset to instantly achieve perfect sounding results for any track
More than 70 FX Pack factory presets Infuse new life into your FX Pack effects with this massive preset library***
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