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Title: The.Sample.Company.Bowed.Textures.vol.2.for.Omnisphere
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Added: October 8, 2019, 8:51 am
Bowed Textures Vol II is a set of 100+ patches for Omnisphere that brings the personality and detail of bowed instruments to the forefront.

Granular stringscapes, bowed ôairö layers, randomized quartets, and traditional orchestra textures are all represented in this library, but thereÆs also a darker side: screeching cellos, sinister harmonics, metallic scrapes, tense rises, and sounds bordering on creature sound design.

In addition to the life and depth Bowed TexturesÆ patches add to a score, inventive use of the STEAM engine has lead to several TSCo original concepts within Omnisphere itself. Our ôScrubö patches allow for realtime performance and sample manipulation in a way weÆve never seen before in an Omnisphere library.

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