Miles Davis At La Villette (1991 - 2001)

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Title: Miles Davis At La Villette (1991 - 2001)
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Miles Davis (trumpet, keyboards), Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Deron Johnson (keyboards), Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans (soprano saxophone), Steve Grossman (tenor saxophone), Jackie McLean, Kenny Garrett (alto saxophone), John Scofi eld, John McLaughlin, Joseph Foley MacCreary (electric guitar), Chick Corea (electric piano), Dave Holland (double bass), Al Foster, Ricky Wellman (drums), Richard Patterson, Daryl Jones (electric bass) Penetration -- Dig Watermelon Man -- All Blues -- In A Silent Way -- Human Nature -- Jean-Pierre recorded live at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, July 10, 1991 Miles Davis is arguably the one artist who has exerted the most sustainable infl uence on the history of jazz.

Among others, Miles and his trumpet were responsible for the most important changes that happened in jazz since the 1950s. Thanks to his unequalled intonation and economical melody layout, Miles has earned himself the status of a pop icon.

On July 10th 1991 he played a legendary concert in La Villette in Paris. At this concert almost all of his musical companions rejoined together once again to be on stage with him. It was supposed to be the last concert of Miles Davis in front of TV cameras. But Miles proves once again that he is an absolutely electrifying improvisational artist.

Especially during open passages, his play is imbued with a brilliant, powerful sound. When he used the mute on his trumpet, his play becomes distinctly lyrical. Daviss use of tones and pauses loved so dearly by his fans is perfectly balanced.

Customer Reviews:

Know your Miles and you would wish you had been there at the time; enjoying an evening stroll through beautiful Paris then entering the superb environment of La Villette to be entertained by one of the finest musicians of all time playing a few of his and of course our favourite numbers - sheer magic and a 'must buy' for anyone with excellent musical taste.
Sit back and imagine yourself in the best seat in the place simply because you actually are, thanks to this magnificent DVD: just enjoy !

Un concierto de Miles nunca est de mas.
Mi comentario:
Miles es un Gran Musico, aqu con un gran equipo de acomaantes que no llega a opacarlo, solo porque el el amigo Davis no los deja, un gran repertorio, super funkero y bien groovero, ademas, lo que mas me sorprende, es el aporte de Joe Zawinul, que de por si es un gran lujo en la formacin.
La imagen no es la gran cosa pero se deja apreciar, y escuchar al negro Miles es un extremo placer.
Saboreen como yo una de las etapas mas importantes de ste gran msico.

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