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Title: Kong.Audio.Chinee.Orchestra.FE.v2.1.2.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-R2R
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Size: 7.47 GB
Added: December 31, 2016, 8:20 pm
It's not piracy.
It's alternative solution.
SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R                 |   DATE : 2017.01.01
CRACKER : TEAM R2R                 | NUMBER : R2R-5613
PACKAGER : TEAM R2R                 |   TYPE : RETAiL/CRACKED
|   DiSK : 24 x 250MB
Unlike the legit one, all you need is running our custom installer and one
time library placer. We also improved some issue mainly related to the
compatibility. Happy New Year!
After reversing the whole line of their products, we were noticed that this
Chinese developer is really living in the past. We think it's better to
point out why and let's wait for their better updates. Oh wait, they have
not updated their engine for almost 3 years! Better to give up for sure!
1. At present, 64bit version is custom jBridge. We have less possibility
to see the real 64bit version in the future, because QIN Engine is
developed in Delphi not C++.
2. They try to read or write config file which is placed to the same
location to the plugin. Considering that modern Windows doesn't always
allow us writing the file to system directory, this should be avoided.
We have developed custom VST wrapper to solve this issue, therefore you
can install the main plugins to other safe dir (Default: MyDocuments).
3. Using obsolete commercial protector called Armadillo (Softwar Passport).
This well known legacy packer is already discontinued before Win10
appears. By googling the name, you can find some incompatible report
for the recent OS. We have unpacked and removed the whole Armadillo
protection; You can load the instruments faster while using less RAM
and having no compatibility issue related to the protection. Thanks
again to the developer for protecting 25+ files by Armadillo!
Let's see the manual (5.2 Authorization Mechanism).
"5.2.4 Sound Decryption"
"The sound of the instrument is encrypted, and it requires the right
key for decryption. If the sound is not decrypted, pitch variation and
sound distortion will be heard upon playback. The sound decryption key
is dynamically generated and it decrypts the sound in real time, and
it is not the only encryption, so every time when the plugin is
executed the decryption key can be different. Most of its messages
come from serial code's sound decryption message, so the decrypted
sound will be perceived as abnormal and distorted if it is not
properly decrypted. This is the true way to tell whether a plugin is
legitimately authorized."
"The authorization mechanism does not check for the validity of the
serial code other than simple verification, and it does not verify the
encrypted key for the sound. An incorrect decryption key will cause
unpredictable sound results. In other words, an incorrect serial code
is likely causing the issue. Please delete the XML files in the product
folder (e.g., where the QinRV.dll is installed), and then reconfigure
the plugin, reset the sample folder and try to re-authorize it again."
This statement is half true - and half false. It is true that you will
get distorted sound if you put fake serials and bypass (crack) the
serial checks to remove "unregisted" nag. This may stop many crackers
because it's not simple JMP-NOP works to make it working.
However, this is not a real cryptography like they insists. The sound
is actually not encrypted at all. The "cryptography" is much simpler
than we thought. Every KAI instruments have internal hidden distortion
effect inside and the sound is always affected by that. The parameter
of that FX comes from the serial number and challenge code. The sound
will be distorted when the parameter is wrong. You can imagine the
distortion mix knob controled by the serial number!
Our greetings go to all hard working groups,
and middle fingers to the people who makes money with our effort.
Support the good developer if you use it.
We would like to support you for free,
as long as you understand what you are doing and what it means.
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