macOS Server 5.6.1

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Title: macOS Server 5.6.1
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macOS Server 5.6.1 | MAS

Custom designed for OS X and iOS, OS X Server allows you to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, develop applications, hosting a website, publish wikis, configure Mac, iPhone and iPad devices, remotely access a network and much more .

It is now available to anyone turn a Mac into the perfect server for professionals who work at home, offices, schools, developers and hobbyists.

OS X Server benefits:
File Sharing
File sharing for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad
Standard protocols SMB, AFP and WebDAV
Permits flexible file access
Spotlight Search

Profile Manager
Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Mac and iOS devices
implementation and management simplified iOS and OS X
Distribution of apps and books licensed acquired by the company or school through the Program Purchasing Volume
Installing software updates on devices with iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan
Integration with Device Enrollment Program
web management Console
Self service portal to remove passwords, locking devices or delete its contents remotely

Server Caching
Accelerated downloading software distributed by Apple
local caching apps, books, iTunes U, software updates and images recovery OS X
Accelerating data download iCloud, and documents stored in iCloud Drive and photos
Design fault tolerant replicated cache on multiple servers and load balancing
No need to configure a client

server Xcode
Creation with Xcode continuous integration bots develop, analyze and test code on any Mac with OS X Server
Configure bots to integrate at a given time, or continuously as the code is stored in the repository
Automate testing apps for OS X and iOS, with execution on multiple connected iOS devices
Accommodation Git repositories in OS X Server or connection to hosts Git or Subversion remote
access remote summaries of detailed integration and nightly builds using the web interface

Time Machine
Configuring a destination for backups of Mac computers on the network
Monitoring of backups based on date and size
Limiting the maximum storage volume users may have Time Machine

Server Calendar
Sharing a Calendar, organizing meetings or events, and reserve boardrooms
CalDAV server based on standards for access from a Mac, iPad, iPhone or PC
View availability with brands Free / Busy
Invitations by email and push notifications

Server contacts
Sync contacts with a Mac, iPad and iPhone
Authorization multiple users to query and update contacts
CardDAV Server standards based

Server Wiki
page Editor that lets you change the format and insert images, videos and attachments with one click
access controls
Tags and comments
Revision history
Document Exchange
Previewing with Quick View

Mail Server
SMTP Server, IMAP or POP standards based
Push notifications
SSL encryption
Adaptive Filtering Spam
Virus detection and quarantine

Virtual Private Network
Access to services remote network
encrypted VPN connections for Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC
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