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Instantly Find  Play Triads Anywhere on the Fretboard

Guitar players spend 90 of their time playing rhythm guitar and yet, we tend to stick to the chord shapes that were most familiar with. Of course, this greatly limits our sound palette and stunts our creativity. There are dozens of ways to play any chord, anywhere on the neck, IF you understand how theyre constructed and IF you know how to navigate the fretboard to find and play them.

Rob Garlands Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads will show you how to quickly and easily construct and play major, minor, suspended, diminished and augmented triads, in any key, anywhere on the fretboard.

"After watching the free videos, I almost made the mistake of passing on this course on the assumption it would not have added much to what I already knew. Boy, was I glad to be wrong!
The course is terrific, and I'm only halfway through because I'm taking my time to practice and enjoy each new tool that I acquire. If you have ever thought, 'I know the chords, I know more or less my way around some scales, but I just don't have the fluidity that makes it sound interesting' this is the course for you." - Michael McIlwrath, TrueFire Student

Not every musician wants a chord chart on their bedroom wall. Yet, how do you make the leap from grasping open chords and one or two barre chord forms to easily memorizing and utilizing other chord shapes? With Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads, you'll quickly understand the theory and application behind creating triads and be able to play your own chord voicings over a wide variety of popular stylized song forms.

Rob organized the course into three sections: Section 1 examines how to build major triads and covers topics such as learning the notes on the neck, building chords from the major scale, finding major triads throughout the five open CAGED chords shapes, and understanding and creating smaller hip inversions and utilizing them in songs.

Lessons in this section include: String Note Names, Note Name Exercise, The Major Scale: Key of C, Building Major Chord Triads, The CAGED System: C Triads, C Triad Inversions CAGED, C Triad Inversions Application, Major Scale Triad: Key of G, The CAGED System: G Triads, G Triad Inversions CAGED and Using Triads to Play Changes.

Section 2 takes an in-depth look at minor chords and enables you to play minor triads all over the neck in both large and small voicings. In this section of the course, youll learn how three note minor chords (triads) are created and how, by applying the C-A-G-E-D chord system, you'll be able to play minor chords all over the neck.

Lessons in this section include: Building Minor Chord Triads, The CAGED System: C Minor Triads, C Minor Triad Inversions Application, The CAGED System: G Minor Triads, G Minor Triad Inversions Application, Using Minor Triads to Play Changes and Combining Major Minor Triads

Section 3 examines other chord forms such as diminished, augmented, and suspended chords. In this section of the course, youll learn how diminished, augmented, and suspended triads are created and how, by applying the C-A-G-E-D chord system, you'll be able to play these chord shapes all over the neck.

Lessons in this section include: Building Diminished Chord Triads, Using Dim Aug Over Changes, Building Suspended Chord Triads, Suspended Triads Over Changes

Each section explains how to create and apply chord voicings that will enhance the way you play songs and also inspire compositional ideas. The performance examples, within each section, are played over rhythm tracks so that you can hear the chords you create and apply them rhythmically in the context of songs.

All of the performances are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. Youll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can play, loop and/or slow down the tab and notation as you work through the lessons. Plus, Rob generously includes all of the rhythm tracks for you to work with on your own.
Grab your guitar and lets navigate our fretboards with Rob Garland!
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