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Brazilian Infused Fingerstyle Jazz Approaches  Techniques
"Diego Figueiredo is one of the greatest guitarists IÆve seen in my whole life. The world needs to listen to his music."
- George Benson
Brazilian guitarist Diego Figueiredo is a rising star in the guitar world. He has performed in 60 countries, has 23 CDs and 3 DVDs to his credit, and has won several important competitions including the Montreux Jazz Competition and the VISA Prize Award. DiegoÆs virtuoso fusion of jazz, bossa nova, and classical music has excited the ears of world-class artists and audiences around the globe.
Diego is also a passionate educator, and weÆre very excited to welcome him to the family with his first TrueFire course, Brazilian Jazz Guitarra!
öI love the æmagicaÆ ù the magic of bossa nova and the freedom of jazz. Combining these two influences produces a colorful, vibrant style that I call Brazilian Jazz Guitarra. In this course, IÆll share 12 key concepts and techniques that power this exciting style. WeÆll apply all 12 of those approaches across seven performance studies in different feels and tempos.ö
Diego organized the course in two sections. In the first section, Diego shares 12 key concepts and techniques that are signature to his style: Bossa Nova Swing Variations, Traditional Brazilian Music Styles, Right Hand Fingers Approach, Right Hand Patterns Variations, Right Hand Arpeggio Exercises, Up Down Thumb Technique, Chord Substitution Ideas, How to Play With a Singer, The Bossa Nova Jazz Connection, Explore the Scales Inside Chords, Inside vs. Outside Melodies, and The Importance of Repertoire.
"I listened to your CD, Segundas Inten??es, and it was a magical moment. When I go to Brazil I would like to play together with you."
- Pat Metheny
In the second section, Diego guides you through 8 Performance Studies, which utilize the key concepts and techniques from the previous section: Ipanema Etude, One Note Etude, Broken Bossa, Take Cinco, Todas Acalles Queses, Lel?, and El Colibri. Diego will perform the study and then break it down for you emphasizing the concepts and techniques in play.
All of the performance studies come with standard notation, tablature, and a detailed breakdown. You can loop or slow down any of the videos down so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and "vamos l?" with Diego Figueiredo

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