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In this Slow Blues edition of Trading Solos with Corey Congilio, youÆll jam together over five slow blues grooves in a variety of keys and feels. Corey will share gear tips, techniques, and approaches to help you get a great slow blues sound. For each of the five grooves, Corey will teach you a handful of licks and comping approaches that you can use, and then youÆll take turns applying those ideas, soloing and comping for each other.
öLearning how to solo over slow blues songs and progressions can be challenging without interaction. Playing rhythm guitar while the other soloist improvises is a great time to really listen and think about what you might play to compliment them in your solo. This Slow Blues edition of Trading Solos will give us the chance to "jam" and in fact "trade solos!" I'm excited to go on this journey with you and give you some ideas of what I would play in my solos and rhythms over slow blues tunes!ö?
Track 1: Key of C
öWe'll jump into this slow blues in C by using some of my favorite techniques. First, I'll show you a classic double stop that you gotta try! I'll then show you how I'll use the classic 6th interval as well as a simple walk up to the root note. As with all of these examples, finding the right chords is one thing, but coming up with an appropriate rhythm is another. I'll show you one of my favorite right-hand moves here. Alright, let's jam on this slow blues in C and try some of the ideas we've talked about!ö
Track 2: Key of E
öWho doesn't love a slow blues in the key of E?! I know I do. There are some great ideas available in the key of E because of the many open strings available. I'll talk about the b5 note as well as a bend you may not have encountered. I'll show you a twist on the typical blues rhythm here. Get your tremolo pedal ready, too! Remember to feel that turnaround coming so you can comp or solo where necessary!ö
Track 3: Key of G
öStyle and technique are sometimes difficult to teach, but the nuances are what really help to push your solos over the top. I'll show you another cool open string idea and go for broke with a fun interpretation of a typical blues double stop. Here I'll show you a fun 9th chord you may haven't tried and one of my favorite high voiced 7th shapes.ö
Track 4: Key of D
öI'll give you a few major/minor pentatonic ideas here. I'll also show you how to superimpose that over the chord changes as well as one of my favorite rhythm/lead ideas. Fun stuff here! We'll do my favorite rhythmic move here, which is to play my chord "piece" ideas here. I love these little ideas as they really get out of the way of other instruments and sound great! This is a fun and vibey little slow blues jam!ö
Track 5: C Minor
öWhen it comes to licks over minor blues, the sky's the limit. However, I want you to think musically and pay attention to creating themes and melodies. Also, pay attention to those nuances that really make your playing emotional. I'll explain how to go about this. Have fun with these ideas and play this stuff over and over to create your own licks! I'll show you one of my favorite moves when it comes playing a cool rhythmic idea over a minor blues. Keep it simple when playing rhythm here as you don't want to get in the way of the other players when playing some moody songs like this example. Let's kick on some overdrive and go for broke on this slow minor blues jam!ö
Corey will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. YouÆll get standard notation and tabs for each of the licks. Plus, Corey includes all of the rhythm tracks for you to work with on your own. In addition, youÆll be able to loop or slow down any of the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.
Grab your guitar and letÆs trade solos with Corey Congilio!

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