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From a listeners perspective, solos with a lyrical, vocal-like quality tend to be the most memorable and evocative. As guitarists, however, we tend to play many notes, across a wide range of octaves, with our technical guns blazing -- the very opposite of a lyrical approach. Adam Levys Lyrical Solos edition of Take 5 is an accelerated curriculum designed to impart the essential technical and conceptual approaches youll need to craft engaging lyrical solos and improvisations.
Quite often when we practice the guitar, we practice in positions and scales, going across the six strings. And, if you think about how the human voice works, it's really nothing
like that at all - certainly no strings and pick involved. In this course, well be exploring the things that we can do to bring out the lyrical quality in a technical way,
but also in a conceptual way, as that's really as much of a part of it as well.Adam kicks off the course with a lyrical soloing primer where he explains how to craft
lyrical solos with expressive techniques like legato slurs, slides, bends and vibrato. Hell also cover conceptual approaches like repetition, vocal-like phrasing, and limiting
the overall range of notes. Adam will then guide you through five Lyrical Solo performance studies, from basic to more sophisticated approaches. Adam will first perform the studies over a backing track and then break them down emphasizing the key technical and conceptual approaches being applied.
Grab your guitar and lets get lyrical with Adam Levy!
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