Truefire - Guitar Lab Diamond Rock Rhythm

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Title: Truefire - Guitar Lab Diamond Rock Rhythm
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This course is a study of straight eighth rhythm figures over a blues tonality. You will learn how to count and perceive any combination of eighth note rhythms which will increase your inventory of options for both your rhythm and lead playing. You will also receive various arpeggios, scales, and modes which are applicable over this blues/rock style.

You will receive a backing track over which you will be able to play the ideas presented in this course. This track will be offered at three different tempos thus enabling you to get up to speed.

After you are grounded in eighth notes, you will learn how to count and play 16th notes as well as 16th note triplets.

The concept of limiting yourself rhythmically is a wonderful tool for focusing on note selection. This allows you to learn how particular scale degrees resolve as well as the various colors that can be created when using various arpeggio and scale approaches. From a phrasing standpoint, rhythm is critical for developing logical coherent melodic lines.

This course is designed as a companion course to my other rhythm study: Shuffle Secrets.

36 Total Video Lessons:

Diamond Rock Rhythm Introduction
Straight Eighth Rhythm Part I
Straight Eighth Rhythm Part II
Straight Eighth Rhythm Part III
Straight Eighth Rhythm Part IV
The Power Chord Tonal Foundation
Shades of Blue Dom vs. Min Tonality
7(no3) Arpeggio Scales Arpeggios 1
7(no3) Arpeggio Scales Arpeggios 2
Minor Pentatonic Scales Arpeggios 3
Blues Scale Scales Arpeggios 4
7 Arpeggio Scales Arpeggios 5
Dorian Mode Scales Arpeggios 65
Sixteeth Notes Speeding It Up
Sixteeth Note Triplets Shredding
Rhythmic Feel Behind, On, and Ahead
Rhythmic Figure 1
Rhythmic Figure 2
Rhythmic Figure 3
Rhythmic Figure 4
Rhythmic Figure 5
Rhythmic Figure 6
Rhythmic Figure 7
Rhythmic Figure 8
Rhythmic Figure 9
Rhythmic Figure 10
Rhythmic Figure 11
Rhythmic Figure 12
Rhythmic Figure 13
Rhythmic Figure 14
Rhythmic Figure 15
Rhythmic Figure 16
Rhythmic Figure 17
Rhythmic Figure 18
Rhythmic Figure 19
Rhythmic Figure 20
Additional Track
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