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Title: MacProVideo.Logic.Pro.X.201.The.EQs.and.Filters.TUTORIAL
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AppleÆs Logic Pro X comes bundled with a full suite of powerful EQ and filter plugins, including emulations of vintage hardware units like Neve, API, Pultec and more. Take this advanced course by Joe Albano and learn all about them!

EQ and filters are two of the most often-used audio effects. Logic Pro X includes a whole variety of EQ and filter plugins, and thereÆs a reason for that: each has its own specific uses, distinctive character and feature set. In this course, audio expert Joe Albano takes an in-depth look at all of them!

After covering some important EQ basics, Joe demonstrates the versatility of LogicÆs ôbread and butterö EQ, the Channel EQ, and its ôtwin brotherö, the Linear Phase EQ. He talks about their differences and similarities, and covers their specific applications. The Single Band and AudioUnit EQs are next... sometimes a simple plugin is just what you need for a quick EQ fix!

Next, Joe dives into the vintage EQs. He gives an overview of the original analog gear on which they are based (Neve 1073, API 560, Pultec EQP-1A and MEQ-5), and he takes an in-depth look at their plugin counterparts (the Console, Graphic and Tube models). Other plugins, like the Match EQ, AutoFilter, Spectral Gate, Fuzz-Wah, Exciter and SubBass and more are also covered in detail.

So sit back, and learn all about Logic Pro X EQ and filter plugins with our in-house Logic expert, Joe Albano!

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