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Title: Lick.Library.The.Mechanics.Of.Electric.Guitar.DVDrip
Category: Learning
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A complete guitar course for absolute beginners with Lee Hodgson! This easy-to-follow tutorial is ideal if you've just bought your first guitar, or if there's been a guitar sitting around somewhere just waiting to be strummedà This DVD will take you from novice level through to intermediate level. Yet it requires no prior knowledge at all: it truly is for someone starting from the beginning.

Slowly but surely, the tutor guides you through all the things that a beginner needs to know and, very importantly, points out what can go wrong. Each of the carefully designed chapters includes chord vocabulary, while commonly used scales and technique, are introduced strategically, along with some practical theory - nothing too demanding, just enough to help you understand what you're doing and why.

You'll soon be strumming chords, picking out melodies and, hopefully, writing some songs of your own! Making music has never been so easy!


Introduction (1:07)
Guitar Components Tuning (23:37)
Chapter 1
CAGED System - C Major (21:40)
CAGED System - A Major (5:58)
CAGED System - G Major (4:42)
CAGED System - E Major (4:59)
CAGED System - D Major (4:17)
Counting The Beat (12:08)
Chapter 2
Chords Scales - C Minor (7:41)
Chords Scales - E Minor (3:21)
Chords Scales - D Minor (3:07)
Counting 8ths (9:44)
Chapter 3
Dominant 7th Chords (11:54)
Finger Picking Primer (14:52)
Chapter 4
F Major (2:49)
The Three Chord Trick (6:19)
More Scale Practice (3:06)
Picking Technique (9:58)
Rests Ties (4:02)
Chapter 5
Further Dominant Chord Examples (11:21)
More Scale Practice (1:54)
Chapter 6
Suspended Chords (4:55)
The G Major Scale (7:46)
The Three Chord Trick Revisited (8:22)
Chapter 7
The Power Chord (4:54)
Barre Chords (17:54)
Major Scale Theory Practice (4:52)
Chapter 8
More Barre Chords (9:21)
Movable Two Octave Major Scale Pattern (8:16)
Chapter 9
Major Minor 7 Chord Vocabulary (15:36)
Arpeggios (2:51)
Chord Scales (Using Barre Chords) (2:18)
Alternating Bass Accompaniment Style (9:25)
Chapter 10
A Couple Of Cool Chords (4:31)
The Classic 12 Bar Blues Progression (12:52)
The Minor Pentatonic Scale The Blues Scale (10:25)
Legato, Hammer-ons Pull Offs (3:24)

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