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Title: Groove3.U.Produce.Lovelytheband.TUTORiAL
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Music producer and engineer extraordinaire Kenny Gioia brings you a series of video tutorials that walks you through the process of recreating the backing tracks to the pop hit Broken by Lovelytheband. See how to build the backing tracks and arrangement to this hit song from scratch.

Kenny starts by welcoming you and then presents the song and band youll be producing in the vein of. Youll then start to put down the first keyboard part and arrange the first few sections. The drums are then introduced and youll see how to program and edit them to get the sound and feel found in the original recording.

Next youll see how to begin mixing the drums, get a better balance, add additional FX, and add a few extra sounds to fill out the production. Kenny then focuses on the bass sound and how to get it sounding just like the one in Broken, followed by the synth and timbale parts. Guitars are then introduced and youll discover how Lovelytheband approached them for the Intro and Chorus sections.

The verses are then examined and youll see Kenny reproduce them with insight as to how they came together, as well as the all important bridge section. Adding the final touches, youll explore how to recreate the reverse effects and ending guitar part, and get a complete play through of the final production.

If you like Broken from Lovelytheband and want to see how to reproduce it from scratch, Kenny Gioia shows you one way to do it watch U Produce Lovelytheband now.

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