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Doug Zangar presents an in-depth video tutorial series designed for the new Steinberg Dorico user. Learn what you need to know to get started with Dorico, and then go beyond, making your very first score!

Doug welcomes you and then starts at the beginning with an introduction to the Dorico interface, setting up its preferences, and an overview of its menu items. Youll then learn about important time saving key commands, creating players, layouts, flows and more.

Next up is the Write Mode where youll discover basic set up i and note input functionalities using your mouse, computer keyboard and or MIDI controllers. The Notes Toolbox and Panel is then shown, as well as entering and adding articulations and dynamics to your masterpiece.

Moving on youll explore the Properties Panel, creating Lead Sheets, working with text, Engrave Mode, Play Mode, Print Mode, and much more, all allowing you to create your very first score and share it with the world.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more i. If youre new to Steinberg Dorico notation and scoring software, or just want to know if its right for you, this is the series to watch Checkout Beginners Guide to Dorico today.

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