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Title: FaderPro.Remixing.and.Sound.Design.with.Orjan.Nilsen.TUTORiAL.REPACK-DECiBEL
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RLSNAME......: FaderPro.Remixing.and.Sound.Design.with.Orjan.Nilsen.TUTORiAL.REPACK
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Please meet Orjan Nilsen, a Norwegian dance music icon who rose to fame over a decade
ago before smashing into the DJ Top 100 at no. 32 in 2011. Thanks to his knack for
producing epic, chunky and groovy bangers, he made it onto the shortlist of Armada
Music, Armin van Buuren and countless other top-flight labels and artists in the
scene. Due to a lot of raw talent, hard work and consistency, he has since remained
one of the biggest names in dance music and a leading figure at every major dance
event in the world.
After an incredibly successful first course and a high demand from students for more
knowledge from the man, Orjan now delivers a "How To" on remixing. As he shows and
tells how he went about remixing Loud Luxury's global smash hit 'Body', he goes
through key topics such as vocal processing, building the drop, choosing the right
drums, layering sounds and much more.
And if that wasn't already something to get excited for, Orjan also shows you the
ropes of sound design. In this second part of the course, he shows you how he went
about making his signature sound(s), teaching topics such as creating his signature
kicks and the "Orjan Trance basslines", his renowned lead sounds, the chain bus and
his acclaimed plucks and arps.
Course Total Time: 107 minutes (1.8 Hours)
Chapter 1 : Remix Breakdown - Drums
Something very simple can be all a remix needs to be effective. Staying true to the
principle of "less is more", Orjan creates balance and space with his sounds, starting
with the kick, drums, bass and percussion.
Chapter 2: Remix breakdown - Layering The Sounds
We all know that layering sounds is key, but you have to realize that it should all
still sound like one. Orjan discusses this and shows how he used influences from three
different genres to make this remix. The layers he uses end up becoming the most
essential sound in his 'Body' remix.
Chapter 3 Remix Breakdown - Bussing Sounds
Orjan explains how he uses busses, for instance to create space and add more power and
control to his signature sounds. He also displays his usage of sidechain on his bass,
detailing how much he uses and why (or to what effect).
Chapter 4 Remix Breakdown - Building Up The Drop
Orjan creates a signature drop full of energy and excitement. He shares his insights
on how long a drop should be and why the length is key. Additionally, he shows how
using a bridge and (new) rhythm can reirce the drop and drive it further.
Chapter 5 Remix Breakdown - Vocal Processing
Orjan uses the signature Loud Luxury vocals to shape his remix, sharing his knowledge
on filters, EFX and EQ on the vocal to create a distinct and original sound.
Chapter 6 Remix Breakdown - Master Channel
Finding the right balance between warmth in sound and a track's dirty dance floor
attitude, Orjan talks about what he uses to mix the remix and the plugins he used to
make the remix sound very analog.
Chapter 7 Sound Design - Creating The Kick And Bassline
Orjan provides specific tricks and plugins that he uses to create his kicks and
Chapter 8 Sound Design - Creating The Lead Sound
Going into great detail, Orjan goes about making his synths and turns them into
full-fledged lead sounds, all the while showing you which plugins he uses to get the
desired result.
Chapter 9 Sound Design - Creating The Sidechain Bus
Orjan shows how he creates his specific sidechain bus, what EFX he uses to manipulate
the sidechain and how the bus provides the room for the sound.
Chapter 10 Sound Design - Creating The Classic "Orjan Trance Bassline"
Orjan demonstrates his classic take on the 'rolling' bassline and explains what he
uses to create that club-tailored sound. He also talks about his usage of attack and
release when designing his kicks so that the kick ties in perfectly with the bass.
Chapter 11 Sound Design - Creating The Plucks And Arps
Orjan pulls up his favorite kits to create his signature arps and '16th note' plucks.
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