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In this iZotope Insight 2 video manual by audio expert Joe Albano, you learn how to deploy all of Insights visualization tools to get the insight you need to understand exactly whats happening, technically, in your audio tracks. Whether its loudness compliance, phase issues, frequency distribution, metering or any kind of advanced audio troubleshooting, this in-depth, workflow-based Insight 2 video manual explains it all!

iZotope makes the coolest plugins on the planet and Insight 2 is right up there with the best of them. Insight provides the perfect complement of audio visualization tools to assure that what youre hearing is accurate, compliant and the best audio it can be.

In this in-depth course by our star trainer, Joe Albano, youll learn everything you need to know about metering with Insight 2. Youll get the knowledge and confidence to analyze your tracks to make sure that the audio youre creating is the best that it can be.

After a brief introduction to Insight, Joe begins by explaining the different kinds of metering: Level, Loudness (including all the standard and new measurements and standards), Sound Field, Spectrum Analyzer, Spectrogram, IPC, Rely and Intelligibility. He takes you deep into each meter and explains the underlying concepts thatll deepen your understanding of both metering and this amazing plugin.

By watching this course you will not only learn about Insight, you also get those insightful knowledge-rich explanations that only Joe Albano can give. So sit back and gain some Insight as you watch this 15 tutorial course!

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