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Analog tape was once the most important medium for audio recording and mixing, and itÆs now regaining popularity with many engineers and artists. Learn about the history and science of magnetic tape and learn how to work with this medium in this course, by audio expert Joe Albano.

For most of the heyday of analog recording, magnetic tape prevailed. Eventually, this recording medium was largely replaced by digital recording technologies, but more recently, analog tape has been growing back in popularity in both home and professional studios. Tape really has that warm sound that digital recordings lack and wellà tape is cool! This course covers everything you need to know about the history and know-how of analog tape.

Joe starts with a history of analog tape, from early monophonic recorders to the multitrack machines that were used to record countless classic records in theÆ60s, Æ70s and the following decades. ThereÆs a whole section on the physics of tape where you learn about tape heads, tape mechanics, tape formats, brands, and Dolby dbx noise reduction. After discussing the basics of tape maintenance, Joe dives into how to work with tape, explaining recording and editing techniques specific to tape, including tape-based effects. The course also covers tape emulation plugins, how to incorporate magnetic tape with your DAW setup, and more.

So join audio engineer Joe Albano in this Audio Concept course, and get ready to be part of the analog audio resurgence!

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