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Title: Arturia.Prophet.V3.v3.3.1.1782.SCE-V.R
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The Prophet 5 and Prophet VS set standards and redefined the modern synthesizer. We have brought these classics back to life for you.

The Prophet 5 was the first totally programmable synthesizer on the market. This revolutionary synth became the basis for all other polysynths to this day. The Prophet VS was the last synth made by SCI and again it set the synth world on its ear. Its digital vector synthesis brought a new soundscape that was then carried on in products from Korg and Yamaha.

The original prophet
While the Prophet 5 was known for its 2 oscillator analog warmth, the Prophet VS used four digital wave table oscillators giving a crystal and clear sound. We have recreated both of these classic machines to give them the detail heard in the originals.

Perfectly balanced yin and yang
The Prophet V's combined personality of analog warmth and thickness blended with thehard edge digital sound of the VS make it perfect for the throwback 80's sound or the modern techno chord stabbs.

The perfect blend

While Prophet 5 and Prophet VS were great machines, what if you could blend the two?
Our Hybrid mode is an astounding combination of Prophet 5 and Prophet VS. The result is an entirely new sound palette at your disposal: the analog subtractive synthesis plus the digital wavetable / vector synthesis of the other, both available at once in one massively powerful instrument.

V 3.3.1

New Features
KeyLab MK2 Integration
Clicking on the preset browser "Clear All" button now scrolls back the result list to its top

Reworked preset leveling and consistency

Release button is now properly recalled when switching songs in Mainstage
No more stuck notes happen with some Prophet 5 patches in REAPER
No more crash happens in Logic when reloading a session
User MIDI configuration is now properly recalled when loaded from an external file
Fixed an issue where you had to click twice on the empty MIDI configuration to properly select it
Default MIDI configuration is now properly working
No more white flash when resizing our instruments inside macOS applications in AU
Various Komplete Kontrol / Maschine improvement
No more crash when a "Song Select" message is received
No more cracks and glitches appearing when modifying effects dry/wet parameters
User preset saving feature is now working properly
No more duplicated presets
Live 10 doesn't crash anymore when browsing preset from AU version
Resizing the plugin window don't open the export bank popup for some users anymore
No more crash when switching instruments on a track in FL Studio on macOS

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