Yamaha Vocaloid 5.0.2 (AU Fix and PC to MAC library conversion)

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Title: Yamaha Vocaloid 5.0.2 (AU Fix and PC to MAC library conversion)
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Added: August 10, 2018, 11:08 pm
There is to discuss how to install windows libraries to mac
Firstly,you should know,if a vocaloid database be confirm,components id is one import keys.The folder tree is:

+--.vvd ; just for V3/V4
+--setup.bmp ; just for V5

So,you should copy your library's folder to your MacOSX,or install Libraries in wine or virtual PC directly.

Then,double-click "VOCALOID5 Libraries Installer".It will ask for your login password to get root privilege for install library.

Click 'Find VOCALOID DB' and navigate to .ddi

Click 'Install Select Components',all will be done.
If your library have included AttackRelease Library,Click 'Find AttackRelease Lib',and navigate to 'dvqm.dat' in your library's install folder.

Click 'Install Select Components',the AR Lib will be load.


Specially thanks for scskarsper's code.

Previous torrent deleted because of improper packaging.

You can use KEYGEN app 2018 as a wine emulator.
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