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This course will be the single biggest improvement to the bottom line of your musicianship: how you sound like, and how fun it is to listen to you. (And for other musicians - how fun it is to play with you)

Did you ever feel like your sense of rhythm is not good enough? That your playing feels "sloppy" in terms of time-keeping?f

Maybe it was when you tried playing with other people, or when you were about to perform solo on stage and you noticed that you're always dragging or rushing through the chords?

I think that most musicians do, and not only in the first year of playing.

It never ceased to amaze me how despite the fact that rhythm is the foundation of everything in music, we tend to focus and work so much on all the other sexy things, like playing complex solos, jammin' with songs with dozens of chords, playing multiple instruments, and yet we still forget to dedicate even a tiny bit of work to the foundation of everything - our rhythm!

When your rhythm is OFF and you're not groovin' with the song, everybody can sense it, even if not consciously. (non-musician listeners and fellow musicians alike)

It'll simply not be pleasant either to listen to you, or to make music with you.

The good news are: working on your time keeping skills is the area that will give you the most fruitful "return on investment rate" of your time.

It's not that hard to work on it, and it does not demand a lot of time when you practice, yet the rewards are the biggest since once you do work on it - everything else that you'll play will just sound WAY BETTER.

WELCOME to The Ultimate Sense of Rhythm Time Course

In the course we will use an all-around approach (both intellectual and sensual) to hone your sense of rhythm and give it the love that it never received before.

The result: no matter what you're going to play - it will sound way better.

You'll also leave with the best practice routine to keep maintaining and improving your sense of time, and maybe even when you're playing a new percussion instrument of your choice!

Here are some of the lesson topics that we'll work on, and how you'll achieve that rock-solid sense of time you always wanted:

Introduction to How Rhythm Works and to The Metronome - Your Best Practice Buddy
The 1 Most Powerful Exercise to Immensely Strengthen Your Sense of Rhythm
How to Really GROOVE with a Song: Make Your Listeners Wanna DANCE!
8 Quick Tips for Instantly Improving Your Time-Keeping
Learn Different Ways In Which the Biggest Jazz Legends Use to Tap Their Feet, to Let You Drastically Improve Your Time and Ingrain a Feeling for the Beat As a Result
An Introduction to 14 Different Affordable Percussion Instruments That You Can Play: Improve Your Rhythm While Adding a "New Role" to Play in Jams
Getting Familiar with Recognizing and Playing Advanced Time Signatures: 5/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc.
A FUN Alternative to the Metronome: An App That'll Be Your Own Personal Drummer
The Drumset for Non-Drummers: Getting to Know the Master Instrument of the Rhythm
How to FEEL the Bass: Really Listen to It and Connect with the Bassist and the Whole Rhythm Section
Introduction to Different Apps That'll Inspire You with New Rhythms From Around the World to YOUR Favorite Songs
Introduction to All the Professional Rhythm Percussion TERMS (and Jargon) You Should Know to Communicate Rhythm Professionally with Other Musicians
What's the Vibrating Metronome? And How to Get Used to Such a Radical Way of Keeping Time
And more!

A better sense of time that you'll feel in every aspect of your music playing is guaranteed when you soak yourself in so much good stuff about rhythm.

This course is the result of a year-long exclusive study on the subject of rhythm, designed to give every musician who will take it a much more steady and sturdy sense of time.

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