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Title: SkillShare.Sing.together.Easy.steps.for.good.harmony.TUTORiAL
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After taking this class, you'll be equipped with several exercises that will help your choir/group or yourself to expand your vocal range, tone and harmony when singing together.

In this video I will show you exercises regarding:

Getting in touch with your diaphragm
Relaxing your body for better singing posture and tone
Legato exercises
Staccato exercises
Articulation exercises
Start to sing in unison
Three note harmony
Good atmosphere in your group dynamics. Its important to have fun together!

I will help you to find your unison tone, work on group harmony and also give you tips and tricks that all choir conductors should have in there knowledge base.

I will also share and show you an easy song for your project that you can take with you to your group. We will also briefly talk about how to approach a new song and how to make a shy choir sing more strongly together.

Notes, tips and sheet music for song will be included for you to download, but you dont have to know how to read musical notation to take this course. Musical examples and recordings will help you on your way to becoming an awesome choir member or conductor!

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