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Title: Stereo.Tool.8.34.Multilingual.+.Plugin.for.Winamp.WIN
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Stereo Tool is a Winamp plugin that delivers professional quality audio processing. Have you ever wondered why on the radio all songs have the same volume, while if you play CDs or MP3s, the volume and the type of sound changes all the time? That's because the big commercial radio stations use expensive equipment that ensures that all songs sound the same, and that they sound good on a wide range of cheap up to expensive audio systems. Now Stereo Tool offers you similar processing, which you can use while listening to your own music.

Many people have reported that the processed audio sounds better on their equipment than the original unprocessed audio. Besides this, Stereo Tool offers a stereo widener which makes music sound 'fuller' and more 'spacial' (less is also possible), and it can repair phase shift problems in recordings (cheap CDs, vinyl, tapes).

╗ Stereo enhancement
╗ Dual-band pre-limiter
╗ 10-bands compressor/limiter
╗ 10-bands clipper
╗ 10-bands equalizer
╗ 4 level output limiter
╗ Extra loudness
╗ Output low- and highpass filter
╗ FM pre-emphasis
╗ FM stereo encoding
╗ FM RDS encoding
╗ Change settings from ext. scripts

OS : Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Language : Multilingual

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