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Title: Steinberg.VST.Sound.Instrument.Sets.rev.3-V.R
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Steinberg Content eLicense eXtended Trial (to 2064) revision 3

include VST Sound Instrument Sets:

for Padshop Pro:
Zero Gravity
Granular Symphonies
Granular Guitars

for HALion Sonic SE:
Neo-Soul Keys
Dark Planet
Hypnotic Dance
Symphonic Orchestra

for Groove Agent SE:
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.1
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.2
Prime Cuts
Metronomic Cinema
Neuro Mindset
Colliding Worlds
Future Past Perfect
The Songwriter's
Simon Phillips Studio Drums

for VirSyn Prologue:
Prologue Discoveries

0. install eLicenser Control Center (if not installed)
1. activate Steinberg Content eLicense eXtended Trial
2. download content from
3. install content

Team V.R

P.S. eXtended trial license for Padshop Pro, HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE also included

rev.2 - fixed Windows 10 NTP compatibility
rev.3 - added 2 new license
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