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Title: Skillshare.Build.Location.Based.Augmented.Reality.Apps.with.Mapbox
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Build your own Augmented Reality Pokemon-Go Clone!

Create a GPS-based Pokemon GO Clone (with Mapbox)
We will use the ARInterface that combines ARKit and ARCore in one Scene
All Apps are running on IOS on Android
Learning by Doing, we will code all from scratch

Why should you learn Augmented Reality Mapbox?

Mapbox handels the mapping, so youÆre free to focus on designing, building, and developing your application.
Augmented Reality is in it's early stages.
There is still much potential to create awesome Applications.
The demand for Augmented Reality apps is bigger than ever before
Break into a brand new industry expected to be worth 165 billion by 2024

This course is about creating a complete Pokemon GO - Clone from scratch! In order to create a Pokemon-GO Clone, we gonna have a look at numerous basics of the Gameengine Unity3D and the programming language C.
For the GPS-based Part we will use Mapbox. Mapbox is an excellent tool in order to effectively create GPS-based Maps and accessing to datas of the real world.

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