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Title: SkillShare.Why.Do.We.Producers.Use.Audio.Compresion.TUTORIAL
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I guarantee you, compression will be the last audio plugin you learn in-depth. However, it's the audio plugin which will exponentially improve your sound and creativity.

It first requires an understanding of how audio compression and dynamics work, and secondly, requires a trained ear to hear the benefits and negative artifacts you are applying to your audio signal.

In addition, there are many myths (white lies) on YouTube in regards to compression when it comes to the threshold, ratio, and your output value.

In this course, you will come out with a solid understanding of how to actually use a compressor creatively AS A PRODUCER!

We don't get hung-up on unncessary details about compression. I tell you exactly what you as a producer need to know, what to listen for, and how to achieve the results you're wanting out of compression. (Whether that be in mastering, balancing out an instrument, or completely sound-designing a sound through sound-molding.)

As mentioned, audio compression takes A LONG TIME to understand and fully hear what you're applying to your music.

This course will save you tons of hours trying to figure it out yourself.

Let me show you step-by-step Why We Producers Use Audio Compression and improve your beats, mixes, and creativeness today.

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