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Title: SPC.Plugins.ArcSyn.v4.0.2.WIN
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ArcSyn Synthesizer - the synth offers unusual waveforms, dividers, logic functions, frequency shifters, as well as LFO wave sequencing, allowing extremely complex modulation patterns. ArcSyn is laid out approximately like a MiniMoog, so it shouldnÆt be too difficult to start editing programs and creating interesting sounds, although if you take the time to work out how the LFOs and modulation matrix operate, youÆll be able to create much more complex programs.

No samples - all oscillator waveforms are generated from scratch.
Many unique waveforms including Sub-harmonics, Bit-Noise and FM Crossfade.
Unique LFOs feature wave sequencing and hundreds of unusual waveforms including many random types.
Powerful, self-oscillating filters based on the Oberheim Matrix 12.
Many unusual filter types like Frequency Shifter, Scramble and Multi-Alias.
Smooth, natural sound quality throughoutùOscillators and filters are 4X oversampled, all audio processing is done in 64-bit arithmetic and control signals are updated at 5500Hz or higher.
Comes with over 500 programs.
MIDI controller learn.
Easy program organisationùrearrange programs and folders using your computer's file system.

Minimum system requirements:
VST 2.4 host program, SSE-enabled CPU, Windows XP or newer.

Home Page - https://www.spcplugins.com/

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